Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day on Hold....but not really.....

OK, So as husband to Mommajeane and Daddy to the 36 that keep our life 'full', I just had to seize the moment and take over the keyboard.  For those of you who follow the regular posts put out by Mommajeane in this space you will know that I don't participate in writing too often....for a variety of reasons; some about the difference in philosophy's about the sharing of every day life details.....and other reasons related to the matchless passion that she puts into her sharing' you must know with Mommajeane, Truth is paramount, Compassion is honored, and living for Jesus is like breathing - it is life itself.

Mommajeane....where to begin on this Mothers Day 'tribute' usual, you've created a challenge!  For the Briggs Bunch, today has been a 'Motherless' Mothers Day......Mom isn't here.   But true to Mommajeane being Mommajeane, she is in Ghana on mission to expand her 'Modtherdom'......She is there in person to help work thru (smash down as needed) the remaining obstacles to bringing home our three precious children who are waiting to come home.  Our celebration is on hold; but the love we feel for your reaches out to you in the prayers we lift up for your protection, peace and provision......We pray you feel the loving arms of Christ surround you and hold you gently.

Today's devotion brought you to compared the strength of God not forgetting about us as his children being so much more than even a mother remembering to care for her child.....for our family, this is truly unfathonable; considering just how much Mommajeane holds onto and cares for the needs of her children, it's hard to imagine any bond, any strength greater than that.  Despite the hardships, hurts, and rejections there is always love, forgiveness, grace, and joy.....While life has taken us to countless  blessings and mountain top experiences as parents, I know you've had crushing hurts and many forms of pain too...but never have I known you to stop caring.....You were born to Mother, that was obvious early in life.....and I thank God for it.  I know that for ALL of your children, that you have a never ending love for them.

As with many things in life 'when you got a good thing going, then keep going!'  OK, it is true that being a Mother is special.......but in your case, being a mother to 36 is REALLY special......but to be really honest, it isn't the quantity of kids that makes you a special is the special, unique, Christ centered love you tirelessly give out to your children that makes you just happen to get to offer this more times than most moms....a 'few' more!

As  I write this you are probably sleeping after your first day of travel and arrival there in Ghana.....but then again, as I know you will be up early I also know you will be prepared for doing whatever it takes to bring our children home......and I also know that the source of your strength and passion is the complete surrender to Jesus you live your life in......You are an amazing amazing Mother.

Sleep well.....Know you are loved; Very Much......To the moon, and back doesn't even scratch the surface....

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Can't wait to be with these sweethearts

John David in April...Just waiting to come home to us

It will be the five of us in Ghana soon and hopefully it will be God's will for all 3 to come home with us. We ask for your prayers. We have a peace because we know God is in control of our lives. It is very bitter sweet writing just the 5 of us when there should be another baby - our Jabin. Rejoicing for another opportunity to travel. Everything and everyone is ready at home to welcome these 3 blessings into our lives.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tears mean you were loved...loved deeply and valued

There have been many tears shed the past 2 weeks...for a life that was gone at only 8 months old... For a little one who was born with no legs and arms....Who was abandoned by his birth family for this reason and the belief that he was evil, a spirit child, not valued.

From the moment we heard of you , Daddy and I were smitten ...We had not even met you yet but we agreed to drive hours to hold you, to smell your baby sweetness and take in all your newborn newness you were offering to us. Yes, you are our 35th child - born deep into our hearts and soul by the Giver of Life. We loved you ....

We had to leave you there and begin the process of your adoption...which moved slowly. We learned of another precious one, born without feet and decided to adopt both of you together. I came back in October to pick up your " aunt and uncle" , our grand babies, Lucy and Lucas. You got to meet your sister, Mary Kate and her husband , Keith. They loved you both as well. We had court for you both...both are our sons now ...both have our last name Briggs.

I visited you with your older brother, Joseph in March and you were doing well. Your personality was showing as were 2 new teeth coming in. It was hard to leave you then but it was pure sweetness holding you and John David in my arms. If I had known what was going to happen I would not have let you go.........

Then we get notice that you were dehydrated from diarrhea and they were taking you to the hospital/clinic in your village. We asked for prayers as we were told they could not start an IV because of your missing limbs. They attempted to start an IV in your head ( which is a common procedure here) but they had never done an IV like that ....and they botched it and you are now gone.... It hurts me to even write the why of your death....It hurts because it was so tragic and unnecessary. When it is quiet in my life I wonder....Were you given the same treatment as if you had your limbs ... as if you were wanted and valued by your birth family....Or were you just an orphan, left to die , an evil child, abandoned in the bush anyway ?

We have made our "Jabin" garden .... It is a sweet place of beauty and peace in the midst of our family life....close to our house in the backyard where all the children play. I know where you play now...I know who is playing with you and you are loved .

One of the meanings of your name is , " God created, God has built ". One verse suggested Psalm 139 : 13-14 as a verse for your name. For you created my inmost being ; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made ; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  Yes, we believe the Lord created you. He knew you before we did in your mother's womb. You were perfect.

I love the verses that follow as well - My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

You lived, your were deeply loved , you were valued and we have cried tears for your life that is now gone from our life here on this earth. We have a peace and yes a joy remembering your sweetness, your little smile, your sucking on my finger. Remember also that we know where you are now - with Jesus . One day hopefully all your very large family will see you there.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter week life around here....catching up part 1

Girl's sleepover and coloring our nails

We had our own Easter sunrise and it was beautiful....

 Easter egg hunting

We always make a " tomb"

We had a chin up contest

Finders of the golden eggs got a dollar

We had a glorious week ...and Easter wknd. Jonas visited for a few days as well as Jacob and Ben made it home. Lots of smiles and laughter being together....remembering that the tomb was empty on Sunday .