Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ideas for teens for celebrating Easter

This picture is for Gail... here are some of our teens coloring eggs..... I guess you need to adopt some younger ones :) We have found that if the little ones are doing something it gives our teens the "excuse" to do the same thing.... like coloring the eggs, doing all the crafts that the little ones are doing... they "help" me with the little ones. Also they are put in charge of organizing the egg hunt or games. Maybe your older ones would enjoy making some of that chocolate into molds. Tonight we are having a "girls" nite to do nails and pedicures. The big sister, Molly came over and is doing french manicures for the teens. We have also made candles and soap in the past years. We have found the older ones have loved being given the chance to do some more younger activities that the younger ones do... it has been a great way for our older teens to actually get to be a "child" and for several of ours they never got to do this when they were younger.


Mike and Christie said...

They all look so happy! What a good idea to get them all to help each other. :)

We are having 17 over for dinner tomorrow. That is not even your normal day! LOL

Mike and Gail said...

Thank you for the great Ideas. I am hoping that tomorrow after church, I can get them to settle down long enough to color some eggs.. I would love to adopt some younger, it just is not on my husbands heart at the moment. God is preparing us for big changes, not sure what they are yet. Still waiting on God's timing. It is with excitement that we wait.

Again thank you and have a blessed Easter. I am sure you will.

Love your sis in Christ.

schoolmother said...

Fun pictures. I'm glad things are progressing with your current adoption. I am also glad you are part of RR now.