Thursday, February 23, 2012

We are challenging Andrew a bit more now....and an update on some of his issues

He prefers to wear sandals over his tennis shoes - just keeping his shoes on used to be a challenge so we let him choose sometimes which shoes. Here Cate is working on blocks, alphabet buttons and pushing and pulling skills...and he initially complains but soon is compliant and will do what we ask...Way to go Andrew :)

Yesterday Leah was working with Andrew and teaching him to pedal a bike...He did pretty good for his first effort.

Challenging Andrew to do more is what we are attempting in his school . He can place blocks in the bowl, push toys by himself to get the desired sound of the rushing balls instead of us for him and to pedal a bike all by himself. We are encouraging him to do things for himself. He now drinks a whole cup of water at each meal...this is huge for him since he got all of his liquids before thru his solid food that we would throw into the blender.  He also has been not as happy and not sleeping thru the I called the doctor to talk about his medicine and how initially we got some positive but that has worn off...I am waiting to hear back from her. Last week Andrew had a follow up endoscope and tonite that doctor called with the results. He is still neg for H Pyloria and also for celiac disease which we are grateful for. He did see some gastritus in the esophogus and he prescribed a diff. medicine than previcid for that. He also was neg. for food allergies praise God. He has not thrown up since the dilation in Dec. and when the doctor did the scope last week he did not need it so we are done with that. Just want to treat the GERD that is silent meaning it does not go all the way up and out just enough to irritate his esphogus. This may be causing him to be irritable so hoping he tolerates the medicine well....more later.


Eva said...

Sounds like some wonderful news and good progress. Praying for the doctors, him and you all.

Carolyn said...

So glad to hear of his progress-I was wondering how Andrew was doing. Carolyn

Kathleen said...

After your good experience trying some meds with Andrew, we decided to also seek out something for our Jon. So glad we did. It has really helped him handle life better and be happier. Like you, initially things were better and then he regressed some so will continue to tweak this, but glad we decided to consider it.

Loretta said...

We have been managing a five year old with achlasia. He had the water dilation two weeks ago with little success. Charlie is scheduled Tuesday at CHOP to have a balloon dilation.
Charlie throws up all day and suffers from horrible reflux. Did Andrew have a balloon dilation and can I ask what meds he is on now?
Still waiting on Russia...more trouble in St. Petersburg. We keep praying.