Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayers for our day today and next Friday for Anna's surgery

This was Anna in August 2011 just after we got to her room at Johns Hopkins after her first jaw surgery....well today Paul and I and Anna are off to spend the day at Hopkins for her pre- op ( includes a CT scan) for her next jaw surgery scheduled for Dec. 21. We had used a diff. surgeon and had some concerns and so we have switched to a new one...and today we meet him so he can evaluate her for her surgery that will be done next Friday, Dec. 21. Sort of unexpected but glad we will be able to get this done...more later tonite. I am so thankful that Paul is always able to go for not only the children's many surgeries but also to the pre and post ops...God has met our needs so that he has been able to and we have wonderful kids who are mature enough to do the childcare at home .

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Christie M said...

Prayers for all of you!
Sarah received your sweet package yesterday! Loved all the little thumb prints. :)