Sunday, May 26, 2013

Banana Splits for dinner wrapped up a great day.....

Mady is all of the above like her bib says.

Abby and Milo home - Monday will be 2 months. Doing so well too. 

Some new sand in the sandboxes and they played all day....

 Ate some popcorn for the salt fix we all needed after so much sugar but dinner was sort of healthy with a banana right ?

Our yg. adults came home today from their retreat, the weather has gotten nice again, and we still have one more day to this holiday wknd...I am headed to IKEA tomorrow for a bunk bed since we will need one more bed for our new daughter in Ghana....Anyone who loves to shop at IKEA and eat there they are having their special ...if you buy 150.00 dollars worth of merchandise you can eat up to 150.00 for free. So that is where some of us will be tomorrow for part of our day.

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