Saturday, January 25, 2014

Welcome home- Our arrival Wed. nite

Together again- precious

I rearranged our home yesterday...added more leaves to our one table to fit everyone. I now need to cook with 4 crockpots, 4 very large pyrex dishes and upped my amounts to include 2 older children...budget for food is now at least 1,000 a week- includes diapers for 3 and extras if needed. I had another cookie sheet of chicken before I took the picture : ) It's a good thing I am used to cooking for such a large group....Probably one of the biggest ways I love on the family is thru food...they love to help with the preparation of it and the eating of it too. 

 Since it was so cold Wed. nite we decided not to bring our little ones to the airport but they greeted us when we got home at 11 pm.. So excited to meet Papaye and Emmanuel in person. It was a quick travel trip - We traveled 42 of 48 hrs but it was a good choice for our family. Our friend, Jamallia and her family also met us....there is a story behind how special they are to our bringing home E and P.

We are doing very kids always amaze me at how well they love on and encourage one another when a new one joins our family....Papaye and Emmanuel are easy to love.


Christie M said...

Congratulations!!! So exciting to be home! :)

Unknown said...

So glad we were able to be apart of this wonderful homecoming!! Blessings!!