Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We are thankful for His abundance in our garden

A garden is sort of like a life.....and especially a barren life with no love or nurturing...Even given a chance they will produce fruit...Orphans in loving families are like this too. No matter what they come from , no matter what their history is , no matter how devastating their life was before they become our child they can be restored with the Lord's help and the love of a family we have seen amazing transformations. 

Given the right soil, water and sun and protection (from animals, and bugs) it will flourish and produce.

We pick at least this much veggies each and every day....

We eat a lot out of our garden. I love this time of year because I never have to say things like, " no, you can only have one, remember others are eating after you ". Fortunately my kids all love veggies ...we have eaten a lot of tomato or cucumber sandwiches, squash casserole and tomato and cucumber salads fixed many diff. ways, wilted cucumbers and we have baked over 60 loaves of zucchini bread. 

Our once barren land produces veggies enough for us to share with the neighbors and our large family of 27 still at home. His abundance and blessings come and we are thankful.


Unknown said...

Will you share some of your recipes? Our cucumbers did not grow this year :( But we had some great tomatoes! Your garden is beautiful!

mommajeane said...

I will soon share some recipes...I have been in Ghana and will when I can. Thanks for asking.