Sunday, March 15, 2015

To Ghana and home

I travel a lot - 8 international trips last year and I saw this " noodle" at Walmart and bought it for my trip to Ghana last week...and I love it. I have tried those neck pillows but have never liked them . This folds and bends in all kinds of shapes and I used it many ways and it only cost 5.88 . It scrunched up to a small size and easily fit into my carry on purse. It will also be something I would use in the car when I am the passenger. 

One of my favorite times is to travel into the villages and bush areas of Ghana. We did that on this trip and it was a blessing to meet many of the people of Ghana. Of course the children have my heart and we always bring lollipops to share which are always a hit.

Here is an older man who sews for a living which is a common trade for them. 

This is the elder of our children , Sandra and Jr's family. This is the village where he lived until his death 12 yrs ago. 

This is there mom sitting beside him with Joseph and I. 

Saying goodbye...but very blessed to have met this man.

These were being made into a cooking oil that is used and sold all over Ghana.

Walking in the bush to the burial site of their father. We were told not to go off the trail at all or we might step on a newer grave site and fall we were pretty careful how we stepped : )

Some of the roads we drove on that day... some places are only accessible by foot or a motor bike. We were told it was customary for them to offer us water...Kofi asked where the water came from and graciously saved us from that drink. Then a coconut was given to us to drink and chew on the white part. We both did do that. I did not like the taste of the drink in the coconut but the white flesh part was good.

Jabin sucking on his upper lip made me smile.

John David and Jabin - about 7 months old.

This is Best and his sister, Sara . They have a sister, Mercy who was at her aunts today. Love all 3 of these precious children. Very sweet kids.

Sandra and Jr stayed with us and it was so good to be with them and very hard to say good bye. We are just waiting on a passport to be corrected ( since November ). We have been told it would be printed next week and even contacted the passport office ourselves with no movement. However, the Lord had a different way and plan for us. When we traveled home we sat next to a Ghanian American woman who was traveling home to GA with her 7 month old daughter. We helped her during the 12 hr flight and we became friends. She travels and brings supplies to orphanages : ) She was singing to her little girl christian songs I recognized and we talked about our faith and our God. She said, " I know why you are sitting here. I am good friends with the head of the passport office. I will contact him for you when I get home. " Now you who choose not to believe in our amazing Lord can do that but not me. He continues to provide thru even strangers. 

We had a wonderful visit with our kids. Joseph was super and always doing what he does best....loving on his siblings unselfishly. It will be soon that Paul will be traveling to bring them home. Prayers for the end process and his travels are appreciated.

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I am happy to be a new sister of 4 more siblings. :)