Monday, December 7, 2015

They will be home for Christmas !

It has been a week since we heard from the embassy that our children's visas were going to be approved. We had to do their medicals and Kofi, our coordinator will take them along with birth certificates, and the passports to the embassy tomorrow and we should be given a print date for their visas. We are expecting that date to be within the week...and because tickets are expensive and would be even more if we had waited...we have the flights for their pick up trip - Woo Hoo! This will be their first Christmas celebrated and Jr's bday is also 12/26. We are all very excited to get them home.

I have more to share about their process ... after they make it home though. Paul flies out Dec. 17 and returns with them very early, Dec. 21. Their rooms and beds are ready .  Paul will be traveling to an orphanage to visit and carry some supplies. I will be staying home this time because it is too costly to send me this time...We have spent lots of time with the kids and feel bonded well enough  that just Paul is traveling. I love traveling and sharing this time but the timing and the cost of tickets has made this necessary. We have been amazed at the Lord's provision for this trip and are very grateful to be at this point in the adoption. Praising God for being in this journey and now we begin another one....the transition into the family.

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Alicia said...

Congratulations!!! I messaged you on Facebook...trying to navigate an adoption in Ghana too!