Thursday, February 18, 2016

Feeling Loved

Some of the flowers we got on Valentines Day 

Lila showing off our cookies 

Paul had all the boys write notes to the girls . I think that was one of the sweetest parts of our Valentine dinner

They boys and Paul dressed up and made dinner and served us a delicious meal.

We had a special breakfast in the am ( complete with donuts ) and we stayed home and had our own church. We have been listening to Steven Furtick online for our sermons. We actually stream it thru our big tv... and I have to say the kids have understood and really " gotten " it when he has shared. He is the pastor of Elevation Church in NC if anyone is interested. Then Ben and Angie came up for the day and participated in our Valentines Surprise the guys had done for the girls. They had set the tables special , placed their notes , gave each one of us a rose, and we even danced....It was a special time and all of us girls felt loved and special. Thank you Paul and all my boys for this memory and time.

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