Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy Times in the Outer Banks once again.....

 Starting out early in the am for the beach....stopped at the rest area in VA for a picture.

We always stop at the Morris Farm Market on the way in. They give free samples too which we all enjoy.

We had great weather all week and every one including this little stinker loved the beach.

Ben and Angie joined us for the week and I went in the water to ride waves for the first time in years....

Zeke's first time at the beach...He was all smiles.

Beautiful sunrises...

Walking on the beach at nite with flash lights to see all the crabs.

They all made it to the top of dunes .

Burying Josiah ( the merman )

We got to have our beach vacation thanks to the adult kids in the family....They wanted us to go and they organized the trip and paid for most of it. Thank you !!!! It was another week of wonderful memories....Hopefully we can next year.

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