Friday, December 9, 2016

Life goes on thru many joys and some not so joys...but life is rich and lived deeply here

Celebrating Tia's 20th bday !!!

This was the picture we sent to their adult sister in Ghana after we reconnected.

A day trip to Lancaster with some of my girls....

The beginning of Thanksgiving - celebrating my grandaughter, Ella's bday by teaching her how to make sushi. This was followed by a celebration movie and dinner with Cate....

My brother, Johnny came for the day. We have not been able to celebrate Thanksgiving for years and it was a precious gift to have him with us.

We ate lots of food - there was about 60 of us eating ...but that is only a few more than our normal : )

Cousins enjoying their time together....

Even baby Nickoli made it.

Our wall of thanks as you entered our home.

Josiah suffered a knee to the eye - uggh but it is healing.

Decorating their first tree....after they got engaged bells. A week for them both.

Baby Nickoli looking better at the hospital after his stay for RSV.

Issac totaled our car but was not hurt. Telephone pole not so lucky...
Ending our school for the holidays...Love our time to celebrate Christ's birth !

Happy Birthday to our grandaughter, Kloe as we celebrated tonite. 

 The month of November flew by for us with lots happening...but our life is lived like that ...the smiles, laughter and joy in the children's faces makes it all worth it. We thank God each and every day for all He has called us to and how He has provided.

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