Sunday, October 2, 2011

A quick update on Anna- Lips

She has been home since Friday nite and doing well. When she woke up Sat. am she was very swollen. So we put an ice pack on her face all day and made her sleep sitting up on the couch. This am it was way down and she is starting to loose lots of the puffiness. You can begin to see her "real" face now. She loves her lips being so big. While in the hospital the first nite when she saw herself in the bathroom mirror for the first time she kept commenting she looked like MK ( who has lips like a models ), I did not see the connection and so the second time she said it I asked what did she mean. She said, "I have big lips now, " I could tell that she was happy with the new lips. Made me smile though.


Kathleen said...

I am so happy for her. Praying for a quick and easy recovery and that the bone grafts take.

eliz said...

Anna, you are so beautiful! Your lips look great! (((HUG)))