Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family Day and Fire Engines and Bike Safety....

Saturday we  went to a family day at Brooklane sponsored by our pediatrician's office. Lots of free or very cheap activities for the kids...and they had a blast. Before we went to the family day....Target in conjunction with the Washington County Fire Fighters and Sheriff gave a family safety tips and tour of fire trucks and a special unit that was like a house and they stimulated a fire....Very good tips and lessons for the kids. They also had a bike safety part and a raffle. When we got there it was towards the closing and not crowded at all...2 other families and ours ( 27 ) went - So the raffle was sort of a done deal for our family. We won 4 of the 5 items in the raffle ( 2 bike locks, a helmet and a bike pump). Another family won the bike which we do not need right now but their little boy was thrilled to have. I love how that worked out.

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