Monday, June 18, 2012

You know why these make me smile big ?

Watching Mya and Luke ride a bike all by themselves is an amazing accomplishment...Especially if you know their story....

Mya came home at just over 1 yr.. She was paralyzed on her left side. We learned a yr later that she had polio and it significantly affected her l leg and also her r arm. She is/was a spitfire and has an inner strength that gives her the gumption to overcome...and overcome she has. If she can't do something she modifies and compensates to get it done another way. This is exactly what she did to ride her bike and it makes my heart fill with joy to watch her ride her bike and she is fast and quite capable of manuvering it like any other kid.

Luke my superman, my hero also has accomplished something many thought he might not do...First it was to walk at all. He was born with his r leg folded like an accordian and attached to the middle of his back. His l leg was webbed and he had a severe clubfoot ( also no palate, a bilateral cleft lip and a vsd and aortic valve that was damaged when it prolapsed) . Watching him ride his bike and actually peddling has been no small feat for him but now he does ride his bike. He has had many surgeries to get to where he is at today and it has all been worth it.


Mike and Christie said...

Isn't it just miraculously amazing what care and love can do? :)I rejoice with you. :)

Stacey said...

The "greater is He who is in" them is quite determined, isn't He? That's awesomely, awesome! I love it!