Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just a small peek at our day....

This swim cap came with a pair of goggles and the kids have had fun with you can see. Goofy kids :)

Don't you just love this guy ?

My Olympic swimmers- Ava and Mya

Enjoying snack at swim time....

A nap before work

Volleyball anyone- you play and get hot then jump in the pool.

Sadie , Emma and Willi hanging around with us....

It was hot for a hot we only were outside to swim. The past few days it was cooler so we were outside enjoying being outside. I think we are the only family who goes out ever around here . Our kids are active and play sports. We used to join the rec. league and participate in soccer, and basketball. Since we have so many kids in our family we have our own teams and they play together...sometimes we join another family and play soccer but usually it is just us...Even our dogs are slim and healthy from all of the exercise they do.

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