Monday, July 16, 2012

Swimming in the rain is one of the highlites of our day today

It began to rain while we were swimming today. There was no thunder or lightening so I let the kids continue to swim...and they loved it.


Claire said...

That looks like awesome fun, I want to go to a pool now!

My friends and I have been playing a game recently that I think your family would enjoy too.

1)Each person has a piece of paper and starts by writing a sentence or drawing a picture.
2)Swap papers, if there is a picture describe it. If it's a sentence, draw it.
3) Fold over the top, so only the last picture or sentence shows and swap again.
4)When you have run out of room open up the papers and see how the first entry has changed.
It's very funny and the more people playing the better, so it's perfect for your family.

mommajeane said...

Thank you Claire...We will try it. It does sound like a game we would enjoy. I will let you know.