Sunday, August 26, 2012

What a delight celebrating Lila today

We celebrated Lila's 4th b-day today ...I love to celebrate each one of these precious children's day of their birth. Today was Lila's day !!!

Everyone here gets into the celebration.

The look of anticipation and pure joy on her face warms my heart.

It was a "butterfly" party so we made butterflies by painting coffee filters with watercolor and then taking a pipe cleaner and folding it to the middle , twisting the pipe cleaner and making it look like an antenna.

Then of course there is always the dessert. Lila asked for cupcakes. She ate 2 of them :) Just cuz its her day.

Playing memory with daddy

Opening her gifts...

Even darling Kloe watched as Lila opened her gifts....Happy Birthday Lila- You fit your middle name well- Joy.

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:)De said...

Happy Birthday, Lila!