Monday, November 12, 2012

Big boys and their toys

I looked over and saw my older guys sitting in our new "chair and a half" looking at their iPhones . They were doing different things too- Not playing a game. I actually got one in October and love it. It is so much faster and better than my Samsung Galaxy....I understand the addiction sadly I have to admit. The face time is amazing... When Mary Kate and Keith were in Ghana last wknd...they face timed us for free. We got lots of pictures and even videos of the kids with them in seconds. We can face time with Jenn and her family too. It is way better than the Skype we have used. I also was gifted with a new Apple computer for my b-day....I use it like a phone and I am now a totally sold out customer to Apple. Way worth the money.


jahkamakura said...

I love how they are sitting in the same chair!

mommajeane said...

That was my first thought too. :)