Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On this nite after the elections I have some thoughts….

I am so glad it is the nite after the elections…I am also supportive of my president whom ever would have made it or even if it was not the person I voted for. I personally hate reading on fb other people's opinions who express their opinions so hateful and vicious towards the now newly elected President Obama. I won't share here who I voted for but it would not matter either way…I can say that most of my friends that write would call themselves "faithful and devout believers of Jesus Christ". However some of the things I see these "Christians" writing makes me cringe and feel downright embarrassed to be associated with them. To have to read things like, " I may move out of this country to ….. or calling people not a christian because they voted for Obama , or I have never been more ashamed of my fellow americans- calling our country blind and ignorant - My response to those who feel so moved to express themselves in this way is to say why don't you move out of the grand ole USA. We don't need attitudes like this. If you can  not appreciate the democratic process of how we elect our presidents and want to try another country - Why don't you ? We live in the best country there is…I have traveled all over the world and would never trade where I live with any other country. We may not like our president or how things are run but they are way better than any other place I have been to. I wonder really if this is how Jesus would respond…no I don't wonder I know it is not and here is a thought to all of you "christians" out there who choose to express your opinion in not the way I believe Jesus would at all- I am reminded of a song by Casting Crown that asks Christians not to express themselves by the wearing of a shirt or a backpack with Jesus on it unless you can walk the talk….May I suggest that I wish you christians who are upset that President Obama was elected not let people know you believe in Jesus because you may do more harm than good for the cause of Jesus by your words…Please choose them carefully . I for one am tired of hearing all of this negative rhetoric coming from the Christian…take a higher road…the one I believe the Lord would do as well and ultimately as I have been reminded so much today on fb…God is in control.

I love this verse that our yg adult pastor shared with them tonite :

                 Romans 13 :1-2 
Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities , for there is no authority 
except that which GOD HAS  ESTABLISHED . The authorities that exist have been 
ESTABLISHED BY GOD . Consequently , whoever rebels against the authority is 
rebelling against what God has instituted , and those who do so will bring  
judgment on themselves ..

God works through human authority ..!!

Your attitude toward authorities you can see is a reflection of you attitude 
towards God 's authority


Christie M said...

I had to shut down a thread because of comments that were out of line.
We need to pray for our president. The Lord is the one who raises up leaders or brings them down.
I too am proud of the process and proud of our country. We voted in a divided race and nobody was shot, maimed, bombed, or imprisoned for their opinion.

Bayreuth said...

Thank you Jeanne for taking the time to express your thoughts and writing them down. I was saddened by all the negative comments that were written.

MARY B. said...

I'm not referring to the recent election...but, what does one do when the current authority is corrupt? Certainly, God would not want us submitting to leadership, no matter the context, that is leading us to sin. Corruption, deceit, greed, lies, power, pride, etc... Again, I repeat...I am not suggesting these things of the elected President. ..but where I live, we see leaders - law makers - leading us into Satan's path and spewing Satan's agenda. I can't simply accept that leadership...Mary B.

Wendy said...

Well said!

Fruitful Mama said...

AMEN!!! Great post Jeane!!