Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another example of why I love older children's adoptions

I came down last week to the kitchen and watched Caleb making breakfast for the 12 kids who have this done for them every morning. We have this as a chore that one person does for the week. You get up earlier than the rest ( other than the one who does the dogs, and sweeps and mops the kitchen) to make breakfast. Everyone loves Caleb's breakfasts because he goes the extra to make it different every day. Here he is cutting up fruit for a fruit salad....I love my older kids and their heart they have to serve their family. Caleb is 15 and was adopted at 9 yrs from Ukraine. Yes...they often come with lots of history but they also have lots of potential and love to give. I do not have any regrets with any of our many older children's adoptions. Of our 32 children including 5 bio., 1 from Mexico, 6 from Russia, 10 from Ukraine, 2 from Bulgaria , and 9 from Ghana- we have adopted 16 older children ( I counted any adoption when the child was 6 and older with most of our older children being over the age of 10 when they came home ).

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Becky said...

Thank you for sharing this great post! We are also a large adoptive family, but I feel like I could use some extra insight into how you run your home and homeschool to make it all work with a large family. Would you consider sharing how you organize the running of your household, and also how you homeschool with so many children of varying needs? We love having a large adoptive family (17 children, so far) but I feel like I need guidance on how to homeschool so many! And also,how to better run our home so that I am not feeling overworked. Thank you for your awesome blog! I have received much from following it.