Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ask me why these two sweethearts are smiling so big ?

Lucy and Lucas have been home 6 weeks. We have always been open about their medical status of HIV. When we first heard about them we knew they had tested positive for HIV. Mom had died of it. Paul and I were in Ghana picking up our older children when we heard about them. Paul and I also were adopting another baby. So we shared with our daughter, Mary Kate and her husband, Keith these precious ones. They decided to step out in faith and adopt these babies with HIV. Most of you know our heart for children especially those with a need or issue that would make them more difficult to place . We fully supported them as they began the process to adopt again. It is very dear to us to watch your children understand fully about the love God places in your own heart for children and then to watch their own journey.

Here is Mary Kate holding her babies at the HIV clinic at the U of Maryland a week after we brought them home. We waited for all the labs and the evaluations to be completed...and finally tonite I can share that my grand babies, Lucy and Lucas do not have HIV.                                                

We are very thankful this Thanksgiving for this healing of these babies. We are grateful for healthy babies...but you know what even if they were not we would be thankful for being in their precious lives. Me as their Nana and Paul as their Paw Paw and all of their many aunts and uncles can't imagine our lives without them.

They live only 9 houses down on the same street so we get to be in their lives every day just about...God sure does give me the desires of my heart. Surrounded by my family and grand kids ...I can't imagine what heaven will be like because I get to experience such sweetness as these precious ones in my life. Thank you Jesus for bringing them into our lives.

When Keith met his babies for the first time...We all fell in love with them.

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Rachel Briggs said...

They are two precious jewels that been sent from heaven.I am blessed to be their Aunt.