Sunday, November 9, 2014

Love Never Fails- My daughter, Rachel's blog

A life of an Ukrainian orphan

I was born in a little village in Ukraine.I was the second oldest.I have two other sisters one older and the other one is youngest.My parents were not christian and we did not attend church at all.So I didn't know God or who he is. It was pretty sad.Our dad was been killed or that what the people told me there.I still don't know the truth,but that does not matter anymore.We left with our mom to live with our grandpa but he got very sick, and didn't want to go to the hospital so later he past away. Our mom got the same disease as our grandpa it called TB.She died in 2002 and we been send to the orphanage in 2003. We were sad when they told us about our mom.
     In the orphanage life was not easy for any kids.We had some Christian people come and talk to us about God.We got to go to the Christian camp every year during the summer.I was glad that I went.I learned about God but not all the way.I got saved in 2004.We also had some Americans who would come and do a bible camp in our orphanage for a week.I thought that we would not have another family ever.In 2008 I have been asking our director is there any family that would be interesting in adopting us?Well, we got a response. There was an American family that was interesting in us, and they are Christians.Also, they have a lot of kids.Well I didn't care I just wanted parents who would love us as their own.We got adopted in summer of 2008.
     We got adjusted very well. We also got a better education then in the orphanage. If you get sick you will be taken care of much better here then there.You are well fed and you know that there is always protection in your family.I will just say this,"why do most people say things but not respond to the needs around the world and here too". Like if  you tell people that you are adopting and they say oh, that is amazing.Why don't they start doing the same?Because if people start caring more about kids and saving their lives rather then dogs.I know dogs are best friends, but what about kids.If we start caring for one orphan kid at a time there would be no more orphans.Because they would be raised in a loving family.Who would love the least of these?I know that God would.
This is a post from my daughter, Rachel who was adopted from Ukraine in 2008 was 14 almost 15 when she came home. She was one of many older teenagers that we have adopted. We have been so enriched by the older teens that we have adopted. They have very different issues than the younger children we have adopted but , the older teens also have different very positive things they bring to our family than our younger children adoptions. All of our children have had trauma and past histories that break my heart but all of them have been amazing at how well they have transitioned into our family. It has been a gift to watch them transform from very sad, and hurt children to seeing confidence and self esteem build in them. Being allowed to walk along side of them as they discover who God is and what he wants for them is the best high anyone could experience...and when they realize the love of God for them personally my heart rejoices. I have shared the link to her blog here so you can go and read some more of what she shares. She is an amazing young lady who will bless you with her thoughts and heart.

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Heather Goodwin said...

Rachel you are a beautiful young lady and Jeane I am so happy to know that there are people like you in the world. I told my kids, "These people are what real Christians look like. Like Jesus, they don't see race, gender,disability, age, or nationality. They just see kids who need love and a family and find a way to give it to them." God bless all of you!