Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Update about Jubal

Pre op the week before his surgery

Waking up in recovery

Paul, Joseph, Leah and I went to the surgery with Jubal....Can you say he is pretty special. 

He did so well at the hospital

Coming Home !!!

2 weeks post op and getting the splint off...looks great.
His stumps have healed well with no issues....We met for his first prosthetic appt. and got his "shrinkers" ( very tight socks to help keep the edema down ) He goes next week for his fitting for the liners to his legs....and then we choose the foot size and our little guy is ready to walk.

Just trying on some shoes.....He seems to enjoy that .

We are very excited to see him walk with his new legs/feet. His prosthetic feet are actually called legs instead of just feet because he has a short lower leg. He is very mobile now and everyone knows he will take off running once he learns how to use them. He has so much personality he keeps us all laughing at his antics....What a joy he brings to our family.


Nicole said...

Awsome ! Looking forward to see him taking his first steps !!!!

Steph B said...

I've been wondering how Jubal was doing, nice to see the update. He looks awesome, his legs look like they're healing wonderfully. Can't wait to see him taking his first steps soon.

kristine barr said...

Me too-- wondering how he was doing. Good to see him happy and learning to use them.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your beautiful story and sharing some of your pictures. I'm always touched by individuals that are willing to invite special needs children into their home through adoption. I wish you and Jubal all the best.