Sunday, November 8, 2015

Orphan Sunday - A Story that has been written 31 times so far in our family

Jubal in Ghana - months old

Jubal when I picked him up in May

Jubal - Loved, healthy, happy, content and given opportunities to be all that he can be. 

A story that has been written 31 times in our family so far - Each one was an orphan but no more. Loved and cherished - Miracles happen all the time, watching a child grow, overcome many obstacles and past lives to live healthy, happy and loved. Some continue to struggle thru their past but they are surrounded by a family who loves them and supports them.

So many people to love on them in our family. So many to encourage thru tough times and times of pain and hurt as they work thru the issues in their past...but always loved and always ours. Some have moved out and on to their adult lives, 25 at home for now, and waiting on at least 2 more to join us soon.

Life is crazy, intense and loud most of the time. However, watching the child learn they are loved and valued, seeing them transform into a healthy child and eventually knowing about a God who loves them is the only life I want to live.