Saturday, June 10, 2017

Crazy Four Legged Members of the family...

 This is my grand dog - Izzy , Angie and Ben's very loved boxer.

Not to soon after Izzy joined the family along came "grand" Piper loved by all of us but owned by Keith and Mary Kate's family.

Of course here is our very own Bear who joined the family just before Christmas.

These are our cats - Winter who was feral and her kitten Putt Putt.We let the Johnson grands have Putt Putt but since we only live 9 houses away he is here all the time...actually momma and her kitten are very close. 

The kids planned a birthday party for Putt Putt complete with treats and lots of love.

Milo loves his Piper and Piper loves Milo. 

Then there is Sadie on the L and we had to say good bye to our beloved Emma this spring when we had to put her asleep as she suffered from cancer. We hate saying good bye to our four legged family. I am sure hoping there are dogs in heaven.

Our Roanoke family ( Jenn and Jeremiah ) also added to the bunch with their Irish Setter puppy named Red. So as you can see we've added a lot of 4 legged members to our family and lots of loyal , funny, crazy, loving members too.

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