Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crazy Love- Being Radical for the Lord-

I have wanted to post for sometime these thoughts about our faith and why we do what we do... So I will try to share some of my heart and certainly about the love I have felt most all of my life. I was born into a loving family and was given the opportunty to view what my heavenly Father was like thru the love of my earthly daddy. I have a wonderful, loving earthly father who has been the best example of love and patience. So when I gave my life to the Lord at an early age of 12 it has been an easy transfer of the same feelings I have for my earthly daddy to my heavenly daddy. I know that the Lord loves me and cares for me. I have been reading a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This book has been an ispiring book to read and Pastor Chan expresses alot of the way I feel about my Lord and His call on our lives as believers. He challenges us to believe that God is really who He says He is and that the true reality of our life is to follow Him wholeheartedly..... He challenges the status quo and norms of the so-called "Christian" life that so many of us are used to experiencing. He states in his book that the life that Jesus calls us to is absolute craziness to the world. It is fine to believe in God, but to really love Him is a whole different story.

Remember my conviction about being pro life? I was deeply moved the weekend before the election about this ... most Christians only vote pro life.. I hear lots of people sharing about a particular canidate who is "pro life" and that is who they are voting for.... and they go into a booth on election day and vote... but that is usually where their pro life action ends. They walk away and not much more is done for their belief about how important the sanctity of life really is. Again voting helps but it is a small amount. I was convicted to encourage others to be radical about the sanctitiy of life... for the Lord. So that is the main reason we adopt special needs. We know how important all life is including the special needs children...We live out our faith and belief by adopting and growing our family thru the birth of the Lord's love in our hearts for a particular child... He has been gracious and has allowed us to adopt 17 children almost 19 so far. Yes we are deeply convicted pro life believers and we have really no choice but to live the way we do because of the compeling love placed in our hearts to share this love and our lives with children . Now is this radical.. that depends on your definition .. to us it is almost insanely natural how we live each day. We have chosen this life and have never looked back... we know more intimately the sweetness of pure surrender to God's purposes.In Chans's book he shares that the Lord wants us to love others so much that we go to extremes to help them. He believes that God wants us to be known for giving- of our time, money and our abilities- and to start a movement of "giving" churches... I would say that we as "Christians" are called to give our all to the Lord and to change lives and then the values important to our Lord like pro life will be changed... one life at a time . When the world starts to see us as givers then we will have a huge effect on the things that matter to the Lord... things like James 1:27- Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress....I can not imagine myself devoting my life to a greater vision than this... some would call us crazy...I believe the Lord commands everything from His followers... and I want to to follow Him more fully.

When we are consumed by our problems, stressed about our lives, our families.... we actually convey the belief that we think our circumstances are more important than God's command to always rejoice....Sort of like what Chan's shares is an attitude that I have a right to disobey God because of the magnitude of my responsiblities.Worry implies that we don't trust that God is big enough, powerful enough, or loving enough to take care of what's happenining in our lives.

Life is all about God and not about me at all....Chan goes on with what I think is very profound insights into how we live our lives daily thru the power, and love of Christ. He says it is easy to become disillusioned with the circumstances of our lives compared to others.... no matter where we find ourselves right now in life...Our part is to bring Him glory....the point of our life is to point to Him in whatever we are doing. He is the one in control over our lives and what will happen. We can turn inward in response to tough times or life in general or we can asknowledge our lack of control and reach out to God. If our lives were stable we would never need God's help or reach out to Him. I thank God for the unknowns and that I don't have control ... because it makes me run to God. This is exactly why we have been called to fully rely on the Lord's provision for this adoption.... thru almost very mysterious ways we have seen the Lord provide... daily for our needs and now for the cost of adopting these 2 precious children. It is crazy what we are doing but it is also very exciting to be on the cutting edge of seeing how the Lord blesses those who partake in His will and how he moves in others lives without any doing on our part. Yes, it does bless those of you who do share in any part of bringing a child home... but it is not about us... it is all about God. What He does in the lives of others is an awesome thing but, the mere fact that He can and does work in the lives of people is all glory to Him. He chooses us and we can respond.

Many people die living their lives selfishly. At their funerals no one would think of saying the truth to speak about the person's life being meaningful- there is an obligation not to say anything unkind... but the truth is some people waste their lives. A person's funeral is usually "nice"... all are but it won't matter to us who just died. When we face the holy God, this word nice isn't what we will be concerned about. Any compliments we received will be gone... all that is left according to Chan is Truth.

We are all going to die...we should live our lives knowing this can happen anytime or day to us or someone we love. Our works will all be shown for what they are... because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man's work.If what he has built survives, he will receive his reward. If it is burned up, he will suffer loss;he himself will be saved, but only as one escaping thru the flames 1 Corinthians 3:13-15 ... as is written in Chan's book Crazy Love- A friend of his shared a wise perspective on death... he was asked if he weren't spending too much of his time serving and giving too much away. His gentle but honest answer was "I wonder if you'll say that after we are dead." I too would challenge my blog readers to this thought.. we all need to stop living selfish lives and forgetting God. Not forgetting or always remembering that He is everything !

Finally I leave you with this : God is more worthy of trust than anyone else. We should not question His love or doubt His care and provision for us or to what He calls us to....Even if it is to the Crazy life of a family with 24 children. It is all about Him!


Karl and Ashley said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

Lorraine said...

Beautifully said!

Mike and Christie said...

That was a great post. We began our home study again on Friday. The social worker was great, and then she said we had to get new med letters from our doctor.
There is something in me, that always goes to fear mode. (sin? Lack of trust? most likely)
So I tossed and turned thinking, "what if the doctor says no?"
Well, I woke up this morning and there was a nice letter waiting on our email, saying it would be a pleasure. :) Yea.

While our beginnings were much different, it is wonderful that we have a Heavenly Father we can trust to provide for our needs.

We are already getting the crazy "YOU'RE WHAT?" comments. But from one person we expected that comment from, we got a big surprise.
They were actually excited. :)

I just know the Lord is working to help us to trust him and love him more.
I want to read that book! :)

mommajeane said...

Christie I am so happy for you and especially glad for the next child who will be coming into your wonderful family. They will be blessed. I have the same reaction to medical forms... not that I am not healthy..just a pain to get done. Our doctor is not close either so it is a drive. For Bulgaria we needed a psych. evaluation- go figure and boy was that a stressful thing just finding a doctor to do it. But again the Lord provided and He did it so well and at no cost to us...imagine that. God is so good. I will be sharing that testimony later. So good to hear your med. letters are being handled too. I will be praying that it all goes well... and so excited for you>

Mike and Christie said...

Thanks Jeane.

I ordered the book! :)

Linda Goodnight said...

Hi Mommajeanne, I've 'talked' to you a few times on frua and loops and always find you wise and inspiring. Right now, I'm fascinated by your venture into Bulgaria. I've been drawn to that country long before they reopened. The children there are so incredibly beautiful. But I don't really see anyone making any progress. Can you share what your agency is saying about a time frame? The frua thread seems stalled out. You can email me privately if you'd like I would love to adopt from Bulgaria, which is particularly timely because of our older ages.