Tuesday, March 17, 2009

update on Jonas

He did great and we are home tonite. The surgery went so well that it was an hour shorter than they thought it would be. He has not asked for any pain meds.. but I have given him some to stay on top of it. Tomorrow we take off his bandages but he now has a conformer in his socket and we go to the next step... He was so funny coming home. He said,"They are all gonna wanta see me ya know." He was right as soon as we pulled in they all came running and I heard him share all about his surgery. The girls were glad when they approached the van that he was bandaged but the boys were disappointed... they wanted to see "something". Thanks for your prayers !


Lisa said...


I am Sherri Willis and also live in West Virginia. I would love to email you about adoptions. We have 8 children but I couldn't find your email. We prayed for your little boy's eye surgery. Could you please email me? My email address is hlbilygirl@aol.com.

Sherri W.

p.s. I'm using my gf account to leave a comment.

MamaPoRuski said...

So glad he came out okay! Sorry I missed the first prayer request, but praying now for quick healing!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the update we were praying for him. What a wonderful thing for Jonas that his family cares so much about him they run out to see him. :)

Mike and Christie said...

Oh good!
"they are all gonna want to see me".
Sort like a tidal wave of love. :)

Arizona mom to eight said...

I am glad he came through the surgery well. Isn;t is just like boys to want to see all the gory details!

Jennifer Hambrick said...

ha...I can imagine all the "seeing" going on when he got home =)

so glad he is doing so good!