Thursday, June 23, 2011

Annabel Funny

This was the first nite in our hotel...The kids knew what a toothbrush was and they were so excited about brushing. Stella and Stephen could reach the sink but Annabel could she turned and spit in the "bigger" sink - the bathtub. Then she found a cup and got some water in it and washed herself by throwing the water over her head. She is so funny about things and my oh my she is the boss . Nobody bothers her for sure.

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and the dog makes 4 said...

I love your pictures. We met your children about a month ago when we were in Kwahu. We absolutely fell in love with Annabel. Despite being the tinniest of the crew, she definitely kept all the children in line at the orphanage. She might be tiny, but she's mighty!! :) Congratulations on all your beautiful children!!