Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our United Airlines Experience....and how the Lord provided

This is Dulles Airport at 2 am and the bottom picture is Paul getting ready to sleep at Dulles Airport :) Our flight out was to be at 11:15 pm. We were at the airport by 7:15 pm- got checked in, thru security and found our gate easy...then there was an announcement that the computer systems were down world wide and they did not know when any flights would leave...hrs went by and at 11pm I felt an leading to go up to the desk and talk with the clerk. I asked for her honest opinion if she thought the flight would leave tonite for Ghana...she said no. Then I immediately asked her to book us on the flight for Sat. nite...we had met our friends at this gate who were also traveling to pick up their boys ( Stella's brothers) . I asked for 4 tickets and she got us them and issued us our boarding passes...Good thing she did all of this because at 1:30 pm they cancelled the flight...and asked people to go to the customer service desk. We just walked down that way to see because we had nothing else to do...and there were 1,000 people in line - took up the whole terminal. We would have been waiting for hrs to make our flight for the next nite ( which we already did). We tried to get a hotel by the airport but they were full and instead we got one 20 minutes away in Leesburg with a free shuttle at 7:30am...So we hunkered down for the nite at the airport...thus the first pic. was taken :) Weird nite at the airport but at 7 am another United worker came to the same desk and I went up to see if we could push our return flight home back to Mon. nite instead of getting there Sun. afternoon and leaving Sun. nite. we thought it best for the kids to spend one nite with us before we left. She was able to do that but when others came up she would not help them...amazing but she was very helpful with our situation... both United employees were thankfully. When we left Sat. nite we left an hr and a half late. They said because our plane needed extra cleaning- what ? When we got on we found out the first plane was broken and they brought a second plane that needed to be cleaned...never had this happen before. When we left Accra on Mon. nite that flight was also an hr and a half late leaving........About half way thru the flight the said they had a medical emergency and was there any doctors or medical personel who could help out ? I never found out what but they again asked for help 10 minutes later- strange. Then about 5 minutes later the woman across the isle on my far side was taken to first class. Now they bump you to a better seat but it is usually in the beginning of the flight not well into the flight. Then the flight attendants came up to me and the lady behind me and asked if we saw anything strange..any man across the isle ? I did not but the lady behind me saw the man they were descibing...evidently the yg. woman had been asleep and woke to a man gropping her....Now I am wide awake - I put my feet around my purse that was on the floor and I can't not go to sleep....When we land we stood on the plane to leave for over 20 minutes. They asked for 2 people to come up and leave first and for the rest of us to make room for them to pass...No one came up...then they asked everyone to go back to their then everyone was 10 seats up and all mixed up...So finally we got to get off the plane. Then we boarded the bus to go to the main terminal and we sat for 30 minutes waiting to leave...I over heard the captain on the phone talking with security but still we don't know what happened ...I have no desire to get on a plane for awhile after this journey . My video did not work on the first flight and they gave me an apology certificate that was worth 10 percent off my next flight or 50 dollars...I am not interested in getting on a plane anytime soon though...

One very positive side though was we got to meet in person and hang with the Bassetts who were traveling also to pick up their sons ( Stella's brothers ). We shared the hotel room in Leesburg for the day and traveled on both flights together and stayed in the same hotel in Accra...that part was alot of fun being with them and a huge blessing. So the Lord provided and took care of some interesting details in this journey to bringing our kids home as he always does.

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Jodi said...

Oh my word!!!!!

That was CRAZY!!!

I wouldn't be too eager to travel anytime soon either if I were you! :):)

Your children are sooo beautiful!