Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just what are they eating ?

If we have had any issues it would be around food but not really anymore. As you can expect our food is way different than what they were eating in Ghana. I knew this and had prepared some known favorite dishes or foods that they were used to in Ghana. Rice and hard boiled eggs were the main staple for the first few days until they have tasted some of our American food- like peanut butter, spaghetti, and pizza. They love all 3...as you can see Annabel eating here :) They also discovered apples and will eat 2 a day at least. They are not as picky and are enjoying more diff. foods now. They even like cold cereal ( not a favorite of mine ) with milk for breakfast. The do not ask to eat all the time like before and they eat with forks and spoons well.

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Amanda said...

they are just precious and look like they are doing so well. Yay!!!