Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Compassion is often caught here...not just taught.

 Getting my feet rubbed when I sat down to do Bible. My littles were not even asked they just came over- first Gracie and then the others. They know I love to have my feet rubbed and they were more than happy to make me feel better. I love their hearts and ability to "read" each other including me like this.

 Mya loves to take care of Kloe...actually this tme she can help alot. She is 10 but still tiny and sometimes off balance because of her l leg...but that does not stop her from even changing diapers. She asks to do and take care of her niece all the time.

 This am Mady was fussy. She needed lots of us cuddling her and even rocking her. She did not seem sick but fussy. So Josiah was more than happy to hold his little niece and rock her...and she loved it as you can see. Perfectly happy to receive the loving embrace and shoulder of her Uncle Josiah :)


Pepe y Paqui said...

¡Que fotos más bonitas y tiernas!

Mike and Christie said...

So sweet. :) I love foot rubs too.

MARY B. said...

So awesome...I remember seeing you in WalMart with Josiah sitting in a cart. If I recall correctly, he was 5 yo and just recently brought home...yet he was only the size of 18-24 mos. Now look at him! He's a young man :) Blessings!