Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite 5 and 10 yr old girls...Ava and Mya

 We tied a string to a present and then hid it. The girls had diff. colored strings .

 Both of them were very thankful...

Today was Mya's 10th b-day and Thursday will be Ava's 5th. We did a party here for them well as lunch at Olive Gardens. Tomorrow Joseph takes them out to breakfast at IHOP - Isn't he a wonderful big brother ? He never forgets a b-day and always celebrates it. Then on Thursday we go to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate Paw Paw/daddy's  and Ava's b-day. Isn't Paw Paw/ daddy nice to want to celebrate that way too :) Mya is spending the nite with Ava tonite and we did not get any pics of her big present today...She got her ears pierced but we will share tomorrow. Happy Birthday to some of my favorite girls !

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Mike and Christie said...

LOL.... Alli and Daddy have the same birthday and guess where we are going??? :)