Monday, January 23, 2012

My "grand" babies are the grandest.....and a blessing to us

 This is how Kloe is wrapped and so the other 2 girls ( Mady and Ava) wanted us to wrap them. We have lots of fun with them...and thankfully they live so close we see them lots.

 This was taken last week when I went down for the consignment sale. Zoe is 5 months now and so cute. She has the biggest eyes and funniest expressions with her mouth.

 These were taken at the Mexican restaurant...they love Mexican.

 I grabbed these off of Jenn's blog

Oh how I wish the NC grandbabies lived closer...I miss them and have to settle for long distance loving on them.

I also have 2 grandsons ( Laura Jeane and Brian's) , Tyler and Drew who live closer to us but we do not get to see them often. They are very busy and we are not to much into their lives- Not at all our choosing but their parents. It is just as painful to be close but not "close"...I do thank the Lord for the gifts of my children and the blessings of grand children.

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