Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family according to Sari

Sari ( home just a year) has the sweetest spirit.  Several times a week I find notes from her that express the love she has ...the love that is deep and special to her for her family...It just makes me smile inside to hear her laugh, and to know she feels loved. She made this picture and wrote this note...then she taped it to our entrance hall wall for all to see. Just warms my heart.

Briggs family is here. Playing a game outside. They like to have fun together and do many things. They like to play sport and go strawberry, blueberry and cherry picking. They also like to do BIBLE together and family time. They enjoy watching tv and playing electronics. They have fun playing outside with each other and exploring new things. Each of the kids are different, but love spending time with each other and do the best to be a great family.

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MARY B. said...

So incredibly sweet!