Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Story Sticks and finger weaving all a part of our summer so far

We made a bucket list for the summer and it includes this idea I got off of pinterest. 

They are called Story Sticks. You find a stick, peel the bark off and write a picture each time you want about something during your summer. After summer is over than we will shellac it with a clear coat. Decorate ribbons with beads and add to their sticks...and they will have a story stick of their summer vacation. Who would have thought how much they loved the idea and enjoyed taking the bark off for hours. 

These are some of the jump ropes, necklaces, headbands they made with the rings of material used to make potholders...and weaving with their fingers. It is a great activity to teach and to keep hands busy. I have been making these with kids now for 30 yrs.....

Here are the story sticks waiting for the symbols and writings of the kids next few months.

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Mom to Mine said...

You are so much fun! I love those ideas because my three are already "bored." If you do any other fun things that don't cost a lot of money, please write more posts about that!!