Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome to my week...It was a great week with lots of positive news but a busy one

I was gone every day of this week- Doctor appts, shopping for Fathers day, hanging out with some special ones and going to Baltimore for something special with all of us over 18. I left this walk way every am and often did not return until the evening...long days but great ones. 

While I was gone my older kids would babysit and they did a terrific job with the little ones.

They even had a scavenger hunt complete with prizes too.

We had some rough weather days...weird weather this spring. Fortunately we did not have the tornadoes some had.

Our baby eggs hatched this week- 4 tiny sparrow babies.

Luke and Anna spent from 8am to 8:30pm with daddy and I at the cleft clinic. We have switched from Johns Hopkins to Childrens - long day with great results though.

Went shopping after orthodonist appts. for Fathers day and got some great deals ....

We got this outdoor fire fountain for 46 dollars on sale. 
This is the group plus me who went to Baltimore today to complete part of our adoption. We had 10 of us 18 and over who needed to get fingerprinted. More adoption news later :)

This is what I came home to is part of our peace garden. Yes, my home brings me peace. I love flowers and plants and the smiles on my kids faces when I return. It was a great week....filled with super wonderful news in  many areas of my life. From Mary Kate's healthy ob check up to the cleft clinic change which we are glad we did, to passing court in Ghana for our 2 new children, to some positive health news for me ( something I have never shared but will sometime), to completing the fingerprinting of the 10 adults here for our adoption...we also went roller skating for free thanks to our orthodontist who holds an end of the school year party for his patients and shopping for our "Supermen" for Fathers Day ( shhh don't tell but we are having a Superman Fathers Day party for daddy and Keith - MK's husband).

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