Friday, October 11, 2013

A busy week full of many things accomplished...

This was Luke recovering from a fall during the early morning hours 4:20 am as we were leaving the beach...He fell 10 steps down , head first and  he hit the bottom...fortunately no stitches or concussion.

This is Mary Kate and Keith and their family on those steps Luke fell from. So glad he wasn't seriously hurt. Then we drove off early in the am and not 10 minutes down the rode their daughter, Kloe ( the one sitting on MK's lap between Keith and MK started to throw up and did all the way home ........We were glad to get home that day :)

Little Calea at 3 months is so much fun now.

Andrew is quite the goofy one too.

He fits right in with these 2 silly boys.

Isn't she precious - you can see her sweet, sweet sprit.

This is Immanuel and Papaye who are almost home- pray for their passports to get done. Two very tender spirited children whom we are missing terribly.

Mya is healing and getting around well with her crutches after surgery on her knee and ankle Tuesday.

 Then there is Shadrach---We have mailed his dossier over to Ghana ( actually to someone who is delivering it for us ) . We have also mailed off his I600a...documents are being prepared and we hope to hear soon about court. Can't wait to hold him in our arms. I have also shared his medical with our craniofacial team at Hopkins .

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Kathleen said...

Oh my, poor Luke. I'm glad he's okay.