Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yesterday I was so thankful

Yesterday early in the am we woke to our fire alarms going off and the smell of smoke. I was in a deep sleep as were most of the rest of the family.

I am thankful for :

Fire alarms that work
For a husband who checks the batteries in them often so they do work
For having taught my kids what to do when there is a fire
For watching my children....

As I came out of my bedroom I saw all of them quietly and patiently walking together downstairs and out the door to the tree out front.

I saw none of them carrying a stuffed animal or special blanket or toy ....

Instead I watched them all holding onto each other and helping one another to safety. The older girls and I were talking later about what we observed and how much the children really understand what is valuable...the lives of their sisters and brothers, their family.

I am glad it was nothing more than a burn in the heating system coil even though it was very scary for us...but , I feel blessed when I think of my children holding on to their most prized possession- their siblings.

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Penny said...

What precious kiddos! So thankful it was nothing more serious and no one was hurt. God is good!!! :)