Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We need your help- Actually Shadrach needs your help

This is our little guy, Shadrach. His skull has fused shut and he is struggling to breath at times. He is also in lots of pain at times. It is so very hard to be on this side of his adoption and not be able to help him, not be able to hold him and comfort him during his struggles. I can't even let me mind or heart go to the what ifs. We are presently adopting 2 older , precious ones. We covet your prayers for their passports to be issued soon and for our exit interview to pass so we can bring them home. They are already our children. They have our last name and our hearts. We have never asked for help to fund our adoptions. We are now for the sake of Shadrach. We also ask for prayers for his health and his process to move quickly so he can come home and receive the necessary medical care and to be loved on by us.  Here is a link that people can give to that allows you to give and be able to write it off as a tax deduction if that is important for you. Thank you for praying and giving if you choose to.

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