Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2 in Vidin

I am tired and had written a longer post but lost it... we had another good visit with Gracie and each time she seems to warm up to us even more. She to is very delayed and needs to get home to start discovering her world... it is very sad to look around and see no toys for these kids.... they have to be bored out of their wits... Here are 2 pics from our visit today... Sorry I can't seem to download the pics... tomorrow we get a tour of the orphanage. I was asked when do the kids get moved out of a crib... about the age of 3 to 4 to a bed with rails. More on Wed... my how the time has flown... I pray the next step time does too.


Chris and Celeste said...

looking forward to seeing your pictures. Thanks for checking into the crib question for me. I guess when we visit we will be buying some toys for the kids in the orphanage. Tell me more about the food you eat, sounds yummy.We also love skype, i have family in Australia we skype to.

Mike and Christie said...

I'm tired and I have no reason. :)
Gracie is ADORABLE... I have no doubt she'll do so well in your care.

Our girl's orphanage had a display cabinet with toys, but the children were not allowed to use them. They told us they were for display for people like us who come, to see that they do have toys. LOL
Everytime we were there, all the children were lined up in little chairs being forced to watch MTV russian style or russian soap operas.... very VERY sad.

adoptedthree said...

Congratulations on two more beautiful children!