Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 3 in Yambol

Dancho was feeling better in the am ... so we took him outside for an hour and finished the last hour inside by his group. It was a very positive visit... he is becoming more verbal. We heard Da alot, and the b and an n sound from him today... My favorite though was upstairs we had him on a couch and he laid down but was awake... and stuck his thumb in his mouth... we got a will be the one I keep close to my heart until we return. We can tell he is not allowed to suck his thumb as we shared before... and he will push the side of his thumb into his cheek and we hear such slurpy sounds and every now and then he will slap the side of his face like a caregiver might... Abraham did the same behaviors... but as soon as he was prone his thumb went right in.. so maybe we think he is allowed to suck at times ( at least the times he does not get caught).

The afternoon we met him in a diff. part of the inside of his orphanage... toni got bit by a little guy yesterday.. he is a little trouble maker... very troubled little one.. who runs over when he gets away from the caregivers hand and tries to bite... we have dodged him fairly well but Toni is in a wheelchair and can not move as quick as we could... so we think that is why we went to the other part ...

We plan to visit 2 times today and once in the am... then we have to say goodbye for our 5 days will be up.... we travel to Sofia until Sunday and then on to Vidin to meet Gracie Jane. It will be so hard to leave him..... I can't even write about it now.

On a positive note one of Toni's families had their court yesterday and so things are moving along...praise God! We are rejoicing with that family :)

I will try to figure out how to upload the video of him laughing.. at home I have had problems with the computer but this is a diff. computer and maybe I can get it going :)
Paul played his hands on the couch .. beating them to a beat like a drum... when dancho wanted more he would hit his hand on the couch.. it was so precious. We have a whole suitcase of toys we brought to play with him... but in reality the best toy has been us... just getting him to let us hold , touch and caress him. He has made wonderful progress in the short time we have been with him.... actually we have tried toys but he only wants us ..... my heart just melts when we hold him. He loves motion even fast or twirling around... thats when we get the giggles. In the afternoon we were able to get him to listen to our mp3 player... actually we had tried. I bought an inexpensive on and downloaded several children 's cds on it... he really enjoys our other one that has praise music and other christian music... and his favorite have beent the ones with a loud sound and lots of drumming... like Toby Mac, some David Crowder and Steven Curtis Chapman :)......maybe he will pick up the drums Abraham?


Valerie said...

He is such a sweet little guy! I can't even begin to imagine how hard it will be to leave. I have really enjoyed following your journey and I cannot wait to follow in your footsteps!

Shelley said...

He has great taste in music!!!!

Joe said...

His thumb make himgo to sleep...Like my little sister Mya like to do that...When I saw him thumb in his mouth he is more happy..Thank you posting I love you guys....JOseph