Monday, July 27, 2009

Something we have loved - Skype - and playing with the kids

Some of
our most favorite times during our adoptions have been when the director has allowed us to play with the groups... we are in an early heaven when we watch all the precious children just come up to touch and be touched, hug and be hugged. These kids ask for so little but have given us so much....Aren't they just adorable ?
Gracie intent on a toy and I "caught " her turned to me. Paul is playing high five with them and they loved it, a bunch of the kids around Toni and her brother and me, here they come out to play...
Actually they spotted our toys bag and went crazy... they do not have one toy outside for them to play with......
Again another helpful and free hint for those of you traveling. We have had wonderful internet connections everywhere we have gone...most of it has been wireless too. When we download pics it has not taken to long and it has been consistent.... amazingly so. Now we had internet in Ukraine in our apartment thanks to our translator, Roma and we were able to talk with our kids for free over the internet using a program called skype. We did it in Ukraine and are skyping from Bulgaria as well. We have a webcam camera on our laptop and the computer at home so we can even see each other... the pictures here in Bulgaria have been very clear too. When we were in Ukraine our new 5 got to meet our family at home when we took our computer to the orphanage and skyped. Their director even came in and met the family at home. We are able to "call" skype the kids often if we need to or talk as long as we want... one nite we talked for 45 minutes all for free.... with our family at home and for us this is a huge blessing to stay connected to each other... it is almost like they are here with us :)
One other option is to skype from a computer to a phone ( cell or land line) for very cheap while in Bulgaria... so we have a phone that we carry with us that we have purchased a sim card for the minutes but our kids can reach us even when we are traveling or not by the computer if they need to.
So again the Lord has provided for us and our "need" to stay connected.
Here are some more pics of our day with miss Gracie Jane :)

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Amanda said...

Oh, my she is beautiful!! I am sure once she is home she will take off and learn things very fast. Thanks for sharing I love reading all about it! :)