Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our " Brave" 10 yr old Gracie

Gracie loves the movie Brave. So for her 10th birthday that was our theme. She also told her teacher at school she wanted long hair...I think because of her affection for Brave. I had this idea to make her a Brave wig for her party and she loved it. We ate her favorite foods and she requested pudding for her dessert. 

We played bingo and had light sticks.

I bought butter cookies and we always try to eat them into as small a ring without it breaking...Rachel won.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Gracie.


MARY B. said...

Happy 10th Birthdy Gracie!!!
Wow! Where has time gone??? I remember her as a little one in a dress a little too little playing with leaves in the court yard. Now she's a 10 year old school girl!!! I would love to hear how school is going for her. What have been the benefit or the drawbacks of her attending school? I could learn a thing or two from her I think :).
Love you all! Mary

Christie M said...

I can't believe Gracie is 10!!!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Heart!