Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What do you do when it has rained for dance

Trying to get the kids moving when we have been inside for days is not hard when we dance. We use the Just Dance on the Wii but don't play it competively . They love it. It helps to let them get some exercise and much needed large muscle movement.

We will also go to Walmart and do a photo taking scavenger hunt or we have even played hide from the other part of the family ( mom's team vs dad's team) in Target.

What are some of your late Winter need to get out ideas ?


Unknown said...

Ours includes wellingtons and rain coats and puddle jumping.

MARY B. said...

We have wii Fitness Coach. I should be using it but I'm not that disciplined yet :). The kids, however, my oh my do they ever love it. They all drop what they are doing and rush to the living room to jockey for the best position and go to town. With skating arenas around every corner here that's our other winter activity. I love the quiet time as I watch them skate...don't enjoy lacing 16 skates though.
Love, Mary