Saturday, February 16, 2013

You have to get by these 3 first if you broke into our home

Our guard dogs, Sadie, Emma and Willy. This is how I find them taking naps sometimes when the front door is open.

Willy is the old man of the group at 12 yrs ...We actually delivered him along with 12 other puppies. We had the momma for just a week . She belonged to another man who could only have one dog in his apartment ...He was recently divorced. The momma had been brought to the vet where our daughter, Laura Jeane worked at to get her spayed...She was too far along and we stepped in to have her stay during her whelping and raising the pups till they were 8 wks. old. Willy was the alpha male of the litter...but now he is deaf and aging quickly. The last 2 winters we think he might not make it thru but always seems to. He has seen alot of children come into our family.

This is Sadie and Emma our pups...2 yr old. If you remember we got them for the kids at Christmas....It was a great decision and we certainly love our dogs. 

They would protect the kids for sure but they are as gentle as a baby with the kids.

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