Sunday, September 15, 2013

A View into Our Week thru Pictures

Looking at themselves thru Paw Paw's shiny bumper

Grandbabies -Milo and Abby home now 5 plus months and adding so many smiles to our family.

Celebrating Leah's 20th birthday

A cool picture she took with her "new " camera

Baby Caleah adding her smiles and joy to everyone

Our last swimming of the season in our pools :( Always makes me sad because we love swimming so much...but it is getting colder. 

Part of our family decided to cash in our Chick fila coupons on Friday nite . Actually 23 of us were there early. We then went to Target and the Dollar Tree to finish the evening. We had a great week of home school, we swam some, closed our pool , played outside in this beautiful weather and we are getting ready for our vacation to the beach :) 

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