Monday, September 30, 2013

We are stepping into the waters of adoption once again

The adoption journey for a special baby has begun

This baby will have our last name and call me momma....

God has called us to adopt again. I will share more about this special blessing in a later blog post but, we all could not be happier or filled with joy that the Lord has chosen us once again to be apart of redeeming the life of a child. This child from birth was doomed to death by those around him all because of his special needs. Thankfully someone cared enough to rescue this child from certain death and now the Lord has moved in our hearts to adopt this special little one.

Just in case you are wondering about our present adoption journey of Papaye and Emmanuel...we are almost to the end and praise God for getting us there. Soon we hope to share that they are home.

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osborn said...

That is the most awesome news.I am Praying God will give us the chance to adopt again. So happy for you and your family.