Thursday, September 5, 2013

All 12 of our Grand Children Together Tonite

Tonite we had all 12 of our grand babies over and we had a grand time of it. 

Jenn and Jeremiah taking a walk

Ava, Eli, Ella holding Calea, Abby, Ezra holding Zoe, Mady , Kloe, Milo, Drew and Tyler- Happy PawPaw and Nana in the back.

Jumping on the trampolines with a sprinkler underneath.


Milo and Jesse eating ice cream tonite.

Ella and her caterpillar

Our electric cars have been a huge hit this week.

It has been a great week...and lots of memories have been shared. Very glad that Laura Jeane made it over tonite to visit. We don't see her or the boys to often but when we do we love it. Sad that Molly could not make it and a few of the kids had to work or I would have had all of children together at one time....that has never happened. I had all my grand children together and that was a blessing. This is 12 grand babies with only 3 of my kids so far. Can you imagine how many we might end up with ?

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