Monday, October 12, 2009

caramel apples- yummy

We made caramel apples after lunch and enjoyed that fall treat! If you are doing this we found the wrap caramel a better way to do this.. we did the melt kind and the wrap and liked the caramel wraps better. Either way they were yummy as you can tell.


Hevel said...

Hm, never heard about wrap caramel apples. Would you please share how you did that?

mommajeane said...

Wrap caramel apples can be bought at a grocery store usually found near the apples. It is a bag that is flat and contains pieces of caramel that has been flattened and is in sheets... you take one sheet out and wrap it around an apple, place it in the oven on 250 for 7 minutes and let them cool. Instead of melting the caramel and rolling the apples in it.It was less of a mess for the kids to do and even the caramel did not stick to the wax paper as much while they cooled. Either way they were yummy.

Hevel said...

Wow, never seen that. I'll ask my brother to look for them when he is in the States next week! It could be a really fun thing to do!